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Chris Jasmine

I am honored to be nominated to run for the Compton’s Board of Directors. CTB has been a large part of my family’s journey in traditional bowhunting, and I have been a Life Member of CTB for several years now. My wife, and two children (daughter 13 and son 11) all shoot traditional bows and have made many of our favorite family memories with bows in hand. I am a 6 th generation Nevadan and am proud that my children are being raised here in this great state as the 7th generation. My main joys with a traditional bow are competing at both local and regional 3-D shoots, and I love chasing desert mule deer bucks more than anything.

Throughout my adult life I have been involved in many different non-profit organizations, both as a member and in leadership roles. I was the President/Board Member for the Bristlecone Bowmen (2003-2005), the Elko Archery Club (2006-2008), the Nevada Bowhunters Associations (2009-2012). I’m proud to be one of the founding members and first President for the Traditional Archers of Nevada (2018-present). In addition to archery organizations, I served in a leadership role as the President of the Nevada Section of The Society of Range Management (a professional organization for Rangeland Managers), and as a board member for the Elko Bighorns Unlimited, which is a wildlife focused non-profit (2016-2022). Most recently I accepted a committee role and currently sit on Compton’s Legislative Hunt Committee, assisting with the development of traditional bowhunting opportunities. It would not be a stretch to say that during most of my adult life I have been volunteering my time and my family’s time for non-profits that support either bowhunting, wildlife or the natural resources on which wildlife depend.

My professional life has also been spent much the same. I am a Rangeland Ecologist and have worked my career focused on conservation related issues in the Great Basin. I am currently employed as the Manager of Biodiversity and Rangelands for a large mining company in Nevada where my team and I oversee the management of over 2.5 million acres of operating cattle ranches and wildlife habitat mitigation projects. I focus daily on where industry and natural resources intersect and take that responsibility seriously.

If elected to CTB, I want to continue finding ways to increase traditional bowhunting participation and traditional bowhunting opportunities in the West. I truly believe that more bowhunters would pick up traditional bows if more opportunities existed for them in the Western States. I also want to ensure that CTB continues to expand its membership and presence in the West, and by adding another board member in this part of the country I feel this can become a reality. I appreciate each of you taking the time to read a bit about me and hope I can cross paths with you someday on a lonely

sagebrush ridge looking at an old muley buck.

Chris M. Jasmine – Spring Creek, NV

Chris Jasmine
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