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Frederick Thacker

My name is Frederick Thacker and I reside in Ohio with my wife Betsy. I am excited to be running for a Director position on the Compton Board. Although I did not have the opportunity to do much hunting while growing up, that all changed when I met the Shifflett family. Dating Betsy meant I got to hear all the stories that she, Shifty, Adrienne, and Zeke had to tell about hunting and traditional archery. When I first visited the Shifflett’s in Michigan, they gave me a Kim-Sha longbow made by the late Tom Parsons. From that point onward, I was hooked.

I attended my first rendezvous in 2019, it was at this event that I became a member. Since then, I’ve attended each rendezvous as well as other traditional shoots. I’ve enjoyed hearing the stories told by many Compton members about their adventures. It was these stories that helped me decide I wanted to hunt with traditional equipment. After many hours of practice and sitting in tree stands, I shot my first deer in October 2020, in Michigan. The feeling of accomplishment in taking a few more deer this past fall has deeply affected me, and my passion has only grown.

Despite being newer to traditional archery, I have been responsible for operating the social media for Michigan Traditional Bowhunters for the past year and a half. It has been amazing to see how warm and welcoming the traditional archery community has been to me. I look forward to maintaining this welcoming atmosphere as I continue my journey with traditional archery.

I am excited at the opportunity to serve our current and future members of Compton Traditional Bowhunters. The value of being a member of Compton and being around so many mentors who have helped me learn the core values of traditional archery and bowhunting has inspired me to invest in passing this along to future generations. I hope to also bring a perspective to the board that might help reach my generation and show them what traditional archery truly means, especially in such a rapidly shifting culture. Thank you for your consideration for a position on the board. Regardless of the outcome, I will always be a part of this community, appreciate its members, and work to grow the family of traditional bowhunters.

Thank you for your consideration,

Frederick Thacker

Frederick Thacker
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