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Jandin Miller

Like many in the trad community I found my way to traditional archery equipment. I began hunting with a rifle along with my dad. When I met my husband, Bryan, he was big into compounds, and I began joining him on the shooting circuit. We got to a point where we wanted to be challenged again. Bryan took on trad but I was resigned to the idea that for me, trad would only be for stump shooting in our yard. Fortunately, we were urged by some friends to attend the Compton Rendezvous. I couldn’t believe this entire community existed and I knew nothing about it. The encouragement I received allowed me to move all-in to trad. Attending the Rendezvous has also changed the lives of my daughters, Nora, and Natalie. My oldest daughter Nora this year, at age 10, took her first deer and did so with a longbow. Prior to being involved in this community I never thought that would have been possible.

I am currently the legislative liaison for the Michigan Traditional bowhunters. I couldn’t believe the legislation that was coming out of Lansing that hurt bowhunters. I have spoken in front of the Michigan Senate Natural Resources Committee numerous times. In opposition of airguns being permitted for use in archery season (tabled), as well as a snowbird bill allowing those 65+ a tag to use a rifle for 2 weeks in October (dismissed). I look forward to continuing to fight to protect our archery season for future generations.

I would like to join the Compton board so I can help others find their way to hunting with traditional archery equipment. Like me, others just need to be exposed to the existence of this community.

Jandin Miller – Wellston, Michigan

Jandin Miller
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