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Scott Nolletti

My name is Scott Nolletti. I am honored to announce my nomination as a candidate to the CTB Board of Directors. I am a lifelong resident of northcentral Ohio. My wife Julie and I were blessed with 3 children: Damaris, Malachi, (and a daughter who passed shortly after birth in '94). We now have 4 grandchildren with another on the way in April!

In considering what to share with the great members of this organization, I have enjoyed reflecting upon my journey that has brought me so much joy for 51 years.

The story began growing up around uncles and cousins that hunted, who in turn introduced my brother and I to archery. The borrowed Browning Wasp was a bit stout for a 9- or 10-year-old at 50lbs (I am still haunted at times by the bad habits it bore!) but it was a lot of fun! I love the sight of an arrow in flight as much today as I did then.

A number of nostalgic items from those days come to mind: Anderson archery catalogs, Bear recurves and boxes of arrows at the local equivalent to JC Penney dept. store, Old Fred Bear films. We used straw bales with paper plates for "3D" targets and headed to the woods pursuing very few deer but found plenty of ground to roam as most landowners were happy to grant permission.

Traditional archery became a family affair for us from the beginning as Julie showed interest and began shooting bows during our dating years. After discovering local 3D shoots and joining a coworker at my first big event in 1999 (Cloverdale Traditional Nationals), I was hooked. We began attending big shoots in the summer as our kids grew, including the Compton Rendezvous and ETAR as well as other venues across the country. Visiting yearly with the great folks amongst the traditional community resulted in the development of great friendships and solidified the importance of being involved with a first-class organization dedicated to promoting and preserving this great pastime.

It was the tragic loss of our good friend Dave Hewitt and his selfless personality that led me to ask while driving home from his funeral service what I could do to give back to Compton. I had been making leather backquivers for personal use for years and decided to start making them to donate for the kids to win in a free raffle at each summer’s Rendezvous. It was around that time that my son, Malachi, also got involved - helping operate the social media for Compton. This increased involvement has been so rewarding for both of us.

Having retired from a career in manufacturing and more recently, registered nursing, I feel it is a great time to get even more involved. I’ve joined the newly established Traditional Hunt Committee and am now accepting a nomination to the Board of Directors. If elected, I look forward to helping continue the upward trajectory of our national traditional bowhunting organization and getting to know even more of the members of our Compton family!


Scott Nolletti

Scott Nolletti
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