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Trad FilmFest 2018

Presented by Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Trad FilmFest
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The Compton Big Game Classic in March 2018 played host to the first ever Trad Filmfest. This was not only a first for us, but as far as we can tell it was the first all-traditional film contest, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to provide the venue.

Having never done anything like this, it was a surprise to get so many great entries. We would like to thank all of you who submitted a film for consideration. I think we all know it is hard enough to hunt and shoot with our gear, let alone to try and film it and tell a story at the same time. 

We assembled the finalists, and allowed the 100 plus members in attendance to view them on Friday evening in Pittsburgh, who then voted for the "Best of Fest."

The rules for entry are pretty simple. First, if the film is showcasing a hunt, it must adhere to the Fair Chase Affidavit listed in the Archives section of our website. Note, it need not qualify for entry into the Archives, or be a successful hunt at all, for that matter, but the hunt must qualify as “Fair Chase” given the rules listed in this page.

In addition, it does not have to be a hunting video. It can be any story that is told with traditional archery as one of the main components, but it cannot show any other hunting tool except for traditional bows: no guns, no crossbows, no compounds, etc. 

Exceptions can be made if the hunter is using traditional equipment, but the guide is required by statute to or necessary to carry a firearm.

Today we begin sharing the finalists, and will end with the winning entry. Just click on the links below to watch the videos.

Finalist #1 comes from CTB Life Member Damon Bungard with Orion Coolers. Damon assembled some beautiful imagery and music from his adventures on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, titled, "Left Wing."

Finalist #2 takes us to Prince of Wales, Alaska, where Compton members Jim Eeckhout & Dan Druia are spot and stalking black bears in the temperate rainforest of the Last Frontier. Traditional bowhunters like to get close to their prey, but these guys take it to the next level. The amazing scenery and dramatic tension combine to tell an awesome hunting story. Congratulations to our second Trad Filmfest finalist, "Season of the Black Bear."


Trad Filmfest entries do not have to document hunts. Our rules allow for any story featuring traditional archery as one of the main components. Our 3rd Finalist showcases Compton member Buddy Gould, a bowyer from Poison Dart Bows, reflecting on his profession. It uses words and imagery to shine some light onto the craft and art of building a bow. Keith Brauneis produces a lesson in efficiency, telling a compelling story in just under 2 minutes, simply titled, "Bowyer," it is the teaser to a longer unreleased film.



#4 finds us watching Kevin Merrow and Mark Kephart travel from Pennsylvania to Utah, to document the highs and lows of chasing elk around the Rocky Mountains. Kevin and Mark own Tradgeeks, where they spend their free time promoting traditional archery through almost every media available. A special shout out to Mark Kephart, who personally played, recorded, and produced all the original music for this film. It's apparent that they appreciate everything about the hunt. You can feel the wind in the aspens, the disappointment and elation, and it allows the viewer to share in the gratitude of time spent in the field. Even the name they chose speaks to a respect for nature. "In Reverie"




Our film festival has taken viewers from the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, to the rain forest of Alaska, to a workshop in Colorado, to the Utah Rockies, and ends up in Northern Saskatchewan where Clay Newcomb, owner of Bear Hunting Magazine, has an encounter with a bear that can't be missed. CTB Trad Filmfest is proud to announce that our first "Best of Fest" winner, chosen by the audience from the finalists at the Compton Big Game Classic in Pittsburgh, is "Ursa de Terra." Compton welcomes Clay as a new Compton member, and we want to congratulate him on a outstanding film, and on winning the first CTB Filmfest Best of Fest Award.

We're proud to play our part promoting the creativity and talent of all the participants and finalists, knowing it will inspire archers to get into the field with their stick and string

Fair Chase Basics

Fair Chase means that the animal is not taken under any of the following conditions:


Helpless in a trap, deep snow, or ice.


While swimming in water (exceptions made for bowfishing).


Residing behind any game proof fence or on a game farm.


By jacklighting or shining at night.


From any power vehicle including auto, boat, or ATV (again except for bowfishing).


In violation of any state or province game laws.


By the use of tranquilizers, firearms, or poisons.


By herding, driving or harassing any animal with any motorized vehicle including automobile, boat, ATV, or using an aircraft to land next to any animal, or for relaying animal position to hunters on the ground.


By the use of any electronics, including but not limited to, 2-way radio, wireless walkie-talkie or cell phone to locate or direct any hunter to an animal.


By the use of any electronics attached to either the bow or the arrow.


By any other means that the Recording Committee shall deem unethical.

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