Compton Measuring Tapes and Cables

Compton Measuring Tapes and Cables


Whether you're an official measurer for the Compton Traditional Bowhunting Archives or you just want to measure your own trophies at home, these official Compton measuring tapes and cables are what you need. The measuring tapes have the Compton logo on the side and are available in the standard 'lip' end and the convenient 'ring' end. You'll find it best to have one of each. The cables are perfect for measuring sharp curves and circumferences. Simply lay the cable along the curve, mark the start and stop point and measure with one of the Compton tape measures. The flat termination point and the clip end on the other end make accurate measurements easier than ever. 

Tape measures are $10.00 each + $5.00 S/H.
Cables are $3.00 each + $5.00 S/H

Tapes & Cables
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