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Trad FilmFest 2018

Presented by Compton Traditional Bowhunters

The First Trad FilmFest was such a success that we are hosting the Second Trad FilmFest at the Gainsville BGC on March 20th, 2020.  We are honored to have the opportunity to provide the venue for the the second all-traditional film contest.

The rules for entry are pretty simple. First, if the film is showcasing a hunt, it must adhere to the Fair Chase Affidavit listed in the Archives section of our website. Note, it need not qualify for entry into the Archives, or be a successful hunt at all, for that matter, but the hunt must qualify as “Fair Chase” given the rules listed in this page.

This year there is one new rule, the film must be limited to 10 minutes or less.

In addition, it does not have to be a hunting video. It can be any story that is told with traditional archery as one of the main components, but it cannot show any other hunting tool except for traditional bows: no guns, no crossbows, no compounds, etc. 

Exceptions can be made if the hunter is using traditional equipment, but the guide is required by statute to or necessary to carry a firearm.

Trad Filmfest entries do not have to document hunts. Our rules allow for any story featuring traditional archery as one of the main components. 

Click here to submit Trad FilmFest Entry.

Fair Chase Basics

Fair Chase means that the animal is not taken under any of the following conditions:


Helpless in a trap, deep snow, or ice.


While swimming in water (exceptions made for bowfishing).


Residing behind any game proof fence or on a game farm.


By jacklighting or shining at night.


From any power vehicle including auto, boat, or ATV (again except for bowfishing).


In violation of any state or province game laws.


By the use of tranquilizers, firearms, or poisons.


By herding, driving or harassing any animal with any motorized vehicle including automobile, boat, ATV, or using an aircraft to land next to any animal, or for relaying animal position to hunters on the ground.


By the use of any electronics, including but not limited to, 2-way radio, wireless walkie-talkie or cell phone to locate or direct any hunter to an animal.


By the use of any electronics attached to either the bow or the arrow.


By any other means that the Recording Committee shall deem unethical.

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