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Welcome to the section of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters website devoted to sharing pictures of traditional bowhunting. As you browse these photos, imagine the adventure, the challenge, and the satisfaction these bowhunters experienced while hunting with longbows or recurve bows and quivers filled with hand-sharpened broadheads. These bowhunting images span many years. You'll see Glenn St. Charles, Fred Bear and other famous, as well as not so famous traditional bowhunters. We're all cut from the same cloth. We choose to measure our success by the effort involved, the fairness of the chase, and the stirring in our souls when hunting. No matter our social or economic situation, we all belong to the brotherhood of the bow.

Take your time and enjoy the journey. If you've never experienced the thrill of traditional bowhunting, give it a try. If you cherish your time in nature with stick and string and aren't a member, consider joining us. Our goal is to promote and perpetuate traditional bowhunting in this great country of ours and beyond. If you're already a member, enjoy the successes of your fellow traditional bowhunters. Join Compton Traditional Bowhunters.

Members: If you have your own traditional bowhunting photos to share please email them with a brief description of the equipment used and the state, province, and/or country you harvested them in to

To view our traditional bowhunting pictures, select from the categories below.

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