The National Traditional

Bowhunting Organization

Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Welcome to the official website of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, the national all-traditional bowhunting organization.

Focusing on the promotion and preservation of the use of traditional equipment, Compton Traditional Bowhunters maintains a world wide membership which is leading the way to secure the future of traditional archery and bowhunting.

Throughout this site, you will find an abundance of information explaining the history, purpose and goals of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, as well as information about our various programs including youth education and the Compton Traditional Bowhunting Archives.

By joining Compton Traditional Bowhunters, you will immediately become an equal part of a fast growing, nonprofit bowhunting organization with members in all 50 states, each province of Canada and throughout Europe. You will become part of the camaraderie shared amongst some of the finest traditional bowhunters today. Most importantly, you will become part of the process of preserving our great sport of traditional archery and bowhunting.

Traditional archery and bowhunting need your support. The future of bowhunting needs a traditional viewpoint and your membership with Compton Traditional Bowhunters can help that happen. We hope to welcome you as a member of the only all-traditional, national bowhunting organization, Compton Traditional Bowhunters.

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