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Compton Traditional Bowhunters  is extremely dedicated to getting our youth involved in all aspects of shooting a traditional bow. Our goal is to introduce them into a sport that will last them a lifetime.  Whether it is on an exciting hunt, a day at the 3-D course  or just stump shooting with friends or family it will be about the memories and passion that come with shooting the traditional way.


One of our programs that we are proud to offer is donating traditional bows, arrows, archery gloves and arm guards to youth organizations, churches and schools that wish to teach our youth about shooting traditional bows. Compton has donated to groups all across the United Stated and Canada.


Compton holds a rendezvous in Berrien Springs, Michigan each June. If you haven't attended the event I strongly encourage it.  A huge part of the rendezvous deals with the youth events.  We offer a 3-D youth course along with four other courses that the adults can shoot. There are aerial events, novelty shoots and even a course in blood trailing, all for the youth. Each young person that attends receives a door prize along with a Compton Traditional Bowhunter tee shirt.


The future of our great sport depends on the youth of today. It is important that we pass on the history of archery along with the ethics, values and responsibilities that come with shooting and hunting with traditional equipment.


Many youth of today have not had the opportunity to experience the outdoors and what nature has to offer. Getting a child involved in traditional archery could be the first step in helping them to enjoy the outdoors. I encourage you to be a mentor. You will not regret it.


If you would like to volunteer to help with our Youth Program activities, or if you would like to submit a request to us for your own program, please email me today at


Best regards,


Scott Hargrove

Youth Program Director

Youth Bow


Compton Traditional Bowhunters and

St. Joe River Bows have teamed up for the Youth Bow Program.

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