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3 Pack Of The "Legend Series" Prints

3 Pack Of The "Legend Series" Prints

$375.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price

All three legends in one package..

  •  Fred Bear -  Jack Paluh has recently completed a ‘bonus’ second Fred Bear Print – to go with the Compton Traditional Bowhunters ‘Traditional Legends Series’. The print is titled ‘The Legend Continues’ and depicts Fred drawing down on a giant Whitetail.
  • Marv Clynke -  Raymond W. Koehler  - Traditional Legends Series. Raymond's creation entitled “Moment of Surprise” features highcountry legend, Marv Clyncke as he first encounters a beautiful mule deer on the type of hunt which he is known for.
  • Glen St. Charles -  “The Prize” features Compton Traditional Bowhunters Emeritus Founder, Glenn St. Charles as he prepares to arrow his Alaskan Caribou.

These 3 prints will transorm any room into a Traditional Bowhunters paradise

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