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Tools needed for Measuring Animals

To get started you will need the following items. There is also a brief description of each tool needed during the measuring process. Items listed below can be purchased at our online store or local hardware store.


  • Measuring Manual – Provides a complete explanation and guide to all measurements taken for each big game animal, along with step by step procedures when measuring animals.

  • Lip end Tape – Flexible ¼” tape is used when measuring lengths of antler points/horns.

  • Ring end Tape – Flexible ¼” tape is primarily used for circumference readings. Ring end tape measurements begin inches from the end of tape allowing the tape to wrap around the circumference for precise reading.

  • Carpenter Rule with slide end – Commonly used for measuring the inside spread. Slide end adjusts for precise measurement of inside spread.

  • Flexible steel cable – Used for measuring beam lengths and severe curves on antlers, providing the ability to also trace centerline of antler. An alligator clip should also be used in conjunction with a cable to mark the precise end of the measurement. Cable should not be used for circumference measurements.

  • Caliper – 12” metal calipers are used for measuring the width and length of skulls. Adjustable locking provides a precise measurement.

  • Color-coded tapes – ½” color-coded tape will assist in identifying non-typical points, along with non-qualifying points or abnormal characteristics. Masking tape may also be necessary when measuring the palm length and width of moose. It is helpful to use when establishing the line that is parallel to the inside edge of the palm for a reference.  

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