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Eligibility Requirements


  • Animal must be harvested by either Recurve bow, Long bow, or Self bow with an arrow meeting the minimum score requirements for species taken.

  • Animal must have been harvested legally complying with all state or provincial hunting regulations, along with adhering to the Compton Fair Chase Affidavit.

  • A 60 day drying period is required before any animal may be officially measured for entry. The drying period should begin once the cleaning process is completed. Typical cleaning process is by boiling or beetle bugs. If the animal has been frozen prior to cleaning, such as the case with most skulls, again drying period begins the day cleaning is complete. All animals should be stored at room temperature during the 60 day drying period.

  • Horn preparation, due to shrinkage issues may require a different cleaning process. It is acceptable to remove the horns from the skull to clean them, and reset them with a bonding agent as long as the horns are not altered. If bonding enlarges the circumference of the horn from its original size it shall be disqualified.

  • Damaged or repaired antlers/horns may in some cases be acceptable as long as the measurer or owner can identify the repair, and if repair is made by the original horn or antler material. When measuring a repaired animal, no part of the repaired antler/horn may be included in any of the measurements.

  • Skulls that have been split or altered are not acceptable into the Archives.

  • Find a measurer. The Archives directory has a list of current measurers. A certified Boone & Crockett Club measurer or a certified Pope & Young Club measurer is also acceptable by submitting their official scoring form to the Compton Archives office, along with the Compton Fair Chase Affidavit and photos.

  • The cost for entering your animal is $25.00 and may be paid by credit card, personal check or money order. No cash please.  

Archives Guide

We ask all traditional bowhunters who harvest a big game animal meeting the minimum requirements for entry into the Archives Program to please consider entering it into the Archives. By doing so, you will preserve a lasting memory, along with respect to the animal. Your animal not only becomes a part of a historical document but validates the effectiveness of traditional bowhunting equipment.

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